Transtaş 1

{noun}    [Tr-Ahns-Tash]:

Moving Forward for Over 40 Years

Providing logistics services all around the world for 40 years, Transtaş has succeeded in becoming local in each region and adopted the regulations and procedures specific to each country.

While focusing on providing the safest, fastest, and most sustainable service to its customers through experience, Transtaş also continuously strengthens its know-how by closely monitoring the trends and developments in its sector.

Unchanging Customer Trust and Satisfaction

With its strong client portfolio, Transtaş has been providing logistics services for various sectors. Transtaş team, whose primary objective is delivering the best client service, provides the most reliable logistics solutions to its clients in order to deliver shipments on time and meticulously.

Keeping in mind that continuous follow-up plays a vital role in client satisfaction, Transtaş team continuously keeps its clients informed and always takes their feedback into consideration.

This mindset has rewarded Transtaş as National Champion of ‘Customer Focus’ at the European Business Awards 2013.

Established Service Quality

Not compromising on service quality since it was founded, Transtaş aims to continuously strengthen its position in the international arena. No matter which region it performs its services in, Transtaş provides the same service quality anywhere.

While carrying forward the operational process of its services, the experienced Transtaş team also continuously track its performance and takes action when necessary in order to maintain its service standards in all conditions.

Logistics Is As Easy As It Can Be

In case of a potential external situation that could negatively affect tits service, Transtaş team gets rid of the risk even before the situation turns into a problem.

The ability of Transtaş to easily come up with alternatives and taking calculated action in these situations that are common in the logistics sector has differentiated Transtaş as one of the most preferred logistics companies.

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